Sea Life Stencil Series


Help your kids learn the shapes of sea creatures and enjoy the memory of their trips to the seashore with this stencil collection. These sturdy, pre-cut stencils provide hours and hours of tracing and coloring entertainment. They’re ideal for illustrating assignments as well as for decorating notebooks, posters, and other surfaces. (Ages 6+)

This series contains  the following stencil sets:

  • Sea Life Stencils: featuring turtle, conch shell, crab, sea star, sea horse, and lobster.
  • Shark Stencils: featuring mako, scalloped hammerhead, basking, blue, thresher, and great white sharks.
  • Tropical Fish Stencils: featuring angelfish, guppy, tiger barb, lyretail swordfish, long-nosed butterflyfish, and yellow tang.

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