Realistic Sea Life Stickers Series


This series of realistic animal stickers has comes with three different sets of stickers that will introduce young naturalists to different types of whales, dolphins and sharks.  Great for illustrating projects, these full-color peel-and-apply stickers will also add a deep sea touch to notebooks, lockers, lunch boxes, and other flat surfaces. (Ages 4+)

The sticker sets include the following species:

  • Whale Stickers:  including narwhal, beluga, orca, minke, sperm, bottlenose, blue, bowhead, humpback, and five other interesting whales. There are 14 stickers in this series.
  • Dolphin Stickers: including common, hourglass, bottlenose, spotted, and Amazon River dolphins, as well as the spectacled and Dall’s porpoise. There are 12 stickers in this series.
  • Shark Stickers: including the bonnethead, bull, zebra, mako, silvertip, great white, great hammerhead, and six other fierce sharks. There are 13 stickers in this series.

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