A Guide to a Georgia Barrier Island


A Guide to a Georgia Barrier Island, by Taylor Schottle,  describes the geology of Georgia’s coastal islands and the ecology of the beaches, salt marshes and maritime forests. The way tidal currents, winds and storms shape the barrier islands and give beaches their unique features are described and diagrammed.

Jekyll, St. Simons and Sapelo Islands are featured. The human history of these three islands emphasizes mankind’s impact on the natural history. A Field Guide section maps and describes sites to be visited on Jekyll Island with details giving examples of phenomena described in the natural history sections. A comprehensive glossary defines technical terms and presents concepts, theories and comparisons which explain and clarify many of the phenomena describe in the text. This book contains 160 pages.

Guide to a Georgia Barrier Island accompanies A Beachcomber’s Guide to Georgia’s Barrier Islands.

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Guide to Georgia’s Barrier Islands