A Beachcomber’s Guide to Georgia’s Barrier Islands

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Beachcomber’s Guide to Georgia’s Barrier Islands, by Taylor Schottle,, illustrates and identifies organisms commonly seen on Georgia’s beaches; the marine life found there also apply to the Carolinas through northern Florida.

The first field section, Tidal Drift, covers the marine life washed up onto the beach by the waves and tides. The second, Living Beach, includes the resident animals living in and on the beach. Both field sections detail aspects of the lives of these animals in their respective habitats. A following Biology section goes into the classification, natural history, ecological roles and specific adaptations of the animals covered in the above field sections. Many references are made between the field sections and the Biology section which allows access to all of the information on each animal encountered. A third field section, Patterns in the Sand, examines and explains how ripples, deltas, sand dunes and other features sculpted in the sand by wind and water are formed. This book contains 144 pages.

Beachcombers Guide accompanies A Guide to a Georgia Barrier Island.

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